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  • CALM

    Codan Automated Link Management (CALM) is a new and very advanced feature in which the transceiver performs the channel selection operation automatically. The handset in most ways looks and operates like a mobile phone.

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  • GITC Accreditation

    All Queensland Government Agencies which fall under the State Procurement Policy are required to use GITC for the procurement of ICT products and/or services.

    Mobile Communications (Qld) is an accredited GITC Supplier # Q290

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CODAN Features


The 9001 provides a fast, reliable and cost-effective facsimile and data communication capability for organisations operating in areas with little or no telecommunications infrastructure. The 9001 interfaces directly with a data-capable HF SSB transceiver  and a standard group 3 fax machine.

Faxmachine hf-radio-4x4


The 9001 acts as a “store and forward” fax system - the attached fax machine is used to send a fax to the 9001 unit where it is stored before being transmitted to the dialled remote destination address. Once the fax has been correctly received and decoded by the remote station, a report confirming the transmission is printed on the local fax machine. Alternatively, a printer may be attached to the 9001 for report printing.

At the receiving station, the 9001 stores the entire fax before transferring it to the attached fax machine for printing.

The 9001 is ideal for fixed base stations in remote areas that are required to send and receive hard copy information such as administrative paperwork, payrolls, transport manifests or drawings.

It is particularly applicable for situations where users may have little or no computer skills, or where users require a mobile fax capability.


pdf-509001 HF Fax & Data Interface

pdf-50Facsimile transmission