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  • CALM

    Codan Automated Link Management (CALM) is a new and very advanced feature in which the transceiver performs the channel selection operation automatically. The handset in most ways looks and operates like a mobile phone.

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  • GITC Accreditation

    All Queensland Government Agencies which fall under the State Procurement Policy are required to use GITC for the procurement of ICT products and/or services.

    Mobile Communications (Qld) is an accredited GITC Supplier # Q290

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ICOM Digital Advanced System

ICOM Digital Advanced System (IDAS) is ICOM's digital land mobile radio system using the NXDN common air interface and offers a complete system of handeld radios, mobile radios, repeaters, network interface/trunking controller, IP-based virtual radi, various accessories and a complete system solution
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Next Generation Digital Narrowband

Next Generation Digital Narrowband (NXDN™)

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