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TX3800 U/V

Remote Mount Voting Mobile Radio


Possibly the smallest 25-watt commercial two-way radio, the TX3800 also boasts a full range of calling options and a host of practical user functions including an inbuilt speaker, which can be mounted facing up or down to take full advantage of the clear, powerful audio.




  • Under dash mount, remote head or smart microphone control.
  • Numeric signal strength meter on LCD.
  • 99 channels + 40 CB channels (UHF).
  • Backlit controls and keys.
  • CTCSS, DCS and user programmable DTMF encode/decode.
  • All format user programmable selective call.
  • Unique store and forward selective call.
  • User adjustable squelch control.
  • 2 year GME warranty


Frequency range


136 to 174MHz


450 to 520MHz

Channel Capacity

99 + 40 UHF CB, 99 VHF channels

Transmit power

25 Watts

Primary Voltage

10.8 V to 15.6 V

Size and Weight

29 (H) x 127 (L) x 163 (D) mm, 620grams

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