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    High powered HF base stations, mobile and manpacks. Interconnect to phone, fax, modem etc 

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    Commercial UHF and VHF hand held, mobile and base stations

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    Mobile UHF and VHF
    Analogue and Digital Transcievers

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    Nexion Data Systems designs and manufactures innovative data solutions for the 2-way radio industry.

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    Australian manufacturer of world-class radio communication equipment.

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    A range of Radio control, Dispatch, Interoperability and Radio over IP products


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619 EI
619 SRI
619 TL

Audio Bridges

The Omnitronics range of bridges make interconnection of disparate radio systems a breeze. Applications are endless however their primary function is for the combining and linking of repeaters, links and other audio sources at remote sites.  




Image  Model Description Brochure
619ei_bridge 619 EI

Providing full 4 wire bridging facilities on all ports the 619EI has a huge range of applications, such as HF/VHF/UHF radio networks, audio bearer systems, data, modem splitters/combiners, public address systems etc. Independent ports allow the bridge to be configured in any combination providing the system designer with greater flexibility.

619sri 619 SRI
The 619SRI is an eight-port radio communications and configuration hub that is designed to provide cost effective interoperability between radios from different manufacturers and with varying signalling requirements.

619 TL



The 619TL Tactical Linker provides a cost effective method of interconnecting and controlling radio and PSTN networks in a tactical environment. The combination of hardware and PC applications allows an operator to establish and dynamically control link groups and to communicate over the radio or PSTN networks using a handset, console or the standard headset.