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    High powered HF base stations, mobile and manpacks. Interconnect to phone, fax, modem etc 

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    Commercial UHF and VHF hand held, mobile and base stations

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    Mobile UHF and VHF
    Analogue and Digital Transcievers

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    Nexion Data Systems designs and manufactures innovative data solutions for the 2-way radio industry.

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    Australian manufacturer of world-class radio communication equipment.

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    A range of Radio control, Dispatch, Interoperability and Radio over IP products


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Omnitronics’ range of reliable, easy-to-use Communication Interfaces is designed to give you the flexibility you need in managing your radio communications. These units allow you to interconnect products within the Omnitronics range as well as interface Omnitronics and OEM products.




Image  Model Description Brochure
Den-Front-view 900DEN The Omnitronics 900DEN module has been designed to allow 4 wire audio lines, with in-band signalling, to connect directly into the Omnitronics 619 series of audio bridges or any other 4 wire plus E & M device.

920 FR

925 FR

The combination of the 920FR and 925FR allow two-way radios to be

controlled over a leased line from OMNITRONICS 960 series handsets and/

or consoles.

935-Local-radio-interface 935 LRI
The 935 Local Radio Interface allows direct connection of the Omnitronics handsets and consoles up to 100 metres from a base station transceiver.
936-Multi-purpose-interface 936 MPI

The 936 Multipurpose Interface boasts three methods of operation:

  • Provides connection between Omnitronics Handsets and the Radio Port
  • Provides connection between the 925 Line Keying Interface and Radio Port
  • Allows connection between the 925 Line Keying Interface and Radio Ports, enabling radios to be connected back to back or to connect a bridge to an unbalanced radio
937-Bridge-line-interface 937 BLI Bridge Line Interface
970DD 970 DD

The 970DD DTMF Decoder provides an easy interface for equipment requiring DTMF control. An operator using our 960CSD console, or from the field using a DTMF enabled mobile radio, can initiate channel change. It features:

  • 12 open collector control outputs (BCD or Binary)
  •  Local or landline control
  •  Auto acknowledge option
ps915 PS 915 The unique PS915 24 to 12 Volt Isolated Converter is the perfect solution for hard electrical and physical environments encountered in vehicles and radio huts. pdf-50